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About Us



Our Mission

At Loving Me Skin Care we believe in providing a safe, natural, and effective way for you to take care of your skin without the worries of harmful bacteria, chemicals, parabens, and other unnatural earth ingredients.  We aim to provide you with a peace of mind knowing that you’re putting the best products onto your body. Our products contain raw, cold pressed, or naturally and/or infused ingredients that are all naturally sourced from trusted suppliers -- meaning they contain plant based natural chemicals formulated by Mother Earth herself. Our products will guarantee you a love of self like no other.  Our products are made in small batches ensuring you the best quality of the ingredients.  Enjoy a self care day with us and shop with Loving Me Skin Care. All our products are unisex. 

Our Philosophy

Loving Me Skin Care Co. was created to bring awareness to how GOOD(Results) and Better(Ingredients) gets using natural plant and herbal products. This will go a long way in turning our health around. Being more mindful with what we put onto our bodies helps us make better decisions in choosing steps to an all around healthy lifestyle. Its not always about what you put in your bodies but what we put on it as well. Learn that the minimum of lotions and soaps should only contain a few ingredients and not 50. Learn the truths behind the products you put onto your skin by simply reading the ingredients and researching them. Many ingredients cause harmful illnesses and un-curable diseases that effects pregnancies, muscles, bones, pigment, hair health and just staying on top of our health.  Learn to love what brings us back connected to Mother Earth herself. 

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