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Enjoy this gentle purifying and exfoliating clay mask for up to 18monthsFor Normal, Dry Skin also can be used on Combination skin. Your daily dose of Vitamin C. Calming to the skin and mind with the Vetiver essential oil. With Vetiver oil targets the mind and relieves you from anxiety. The mask will target your pores clearing them from dirt, grime, germs, pollutions and working its anti inflammatiry magic when applied to your face. This mask will help you reduce scars and acne. Calms swelling in the face. Reduces oily skin, and sooths the most sensitve and irritated skins conditions. Leaving you with a finshed natural soft glow. THIS INFORMATION IS NOT INTENDED TO CURE, TREAT, OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. NO PRODUCT ON THE SITE IS FDA APPROVED. ALWAYS DO A PATCH TEST BEFORE USING ANY NEW PRODUCT. KNOW YOUR ALLERGIES. READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. 📚

Turmeric Facial Clay Mask

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