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No Worries! This Pineapple and coconut scented butter Take Me There will not split your tongue or crack ya lips!! Haha!! Enjoy this Fresh Scent of Pineapple on your skin as if you were enjoying it as a snack there! BE THE SNACK and it'll Take You There!! Enjoy!


***For All Skin Types!!


Our Butters will eliminate any dry, cracked, chapped skin. It will leave your skin smooth as baby bottom and feeling renewed. Who don't like to look good naked! Contains Vitamins C, D , and E which are natural antioxidnts that are highly beneficial to you skins health. Also known to soothe skin rashes, calm sunburns, eczema amd psoriasis skin condtions and clear them up. Helps promote healthier & feel good to rub skin. Forming a protective barrier throughout your day and leaving your skin moisturized. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.



Know your allergies before you buy!


We reccomend doing a small patch test on the wrist, forearm, and/or the back of the ear covered with a bandaid for 24 to 48hours. If any kind of break out or rash or irritation occurs please discontinue. Throw the Butter away or pass it along. Due to personal use of products we will not be doing refunds of any kind. Unless! The product was damaged or broken upon arrival with an unboxing video sent to our team for review. Thank you!


This butters is made with Baraka Shea Butter along side Mango and Kokum Butters. Jojoba Oil, Papaya Seed Oil, Sunflower seed oil, and Vitamin E Oil Coconut Essential oil and Pineapple Plant based Fragrance Oil in this butter.


Our Butters are whipped to perfection and are made to leave you with soft glowy skin! It is fast absorbent and begins to heal the skin after each application. Results are shown in a day in some cases and others in a week. Consistency is KEY!


Enjoy a Self Care Day With Us!

Loving Me Skin Care Team!

Take Me There

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