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Are you ready for the body flow?

Packed with vitamins and healing nutrients for the skin. This Body Sugar is amazing with a earthy sweet scent you'll love!

Apply in the shower after you have bathed. Massage skin in circular motions with hand and rinse. Step out feeling good and no rush to lather because the skin will be supple and not dry.

Soften Me Up Sugar Scrub

  • At this time no product returns or refunds. Product packaging is guaranteed safe for shipping and handling

    Will work to give exchanges of broken or damaged products upon arrival. With UNBOXING Video upon arrival sent to our team for review. Thank you!

  • Store in a dry area. Use with clean dry hands. You don't want to talk water back into scrub. Your shower water is not free of bacteria. To keep the shelf life up to 6months keep dry of liquids.

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