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This Rosey Glow Toner will tighten your pores, keep your skin refreshed and ready to go on with your day. This toner will hydrate and retain moisture the driest of skins. If you are allergic to roses, the aloe vera plant, cucumbers then Loving Me Skin Care CEO and Formulater advise you to not use this product.   A Toner is a water soluble solution made of Flower waters also called Hydrosols, Water Extracts, and/or distilled water, water based eco friendly preservatives. Toners help remove any make up, or dirt residue after you have cleansed your face. Toners are very hydrating for the skin and works well before a serum to help the serum get deep into the pores.!!THIS INFORMATION IS NOT INTENDED TO CURE, TREAT, OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. NO PRODUCT ON THE SITE IS FDA APPROVED.   ALWAYS DO A PATCH TEST BEFORE USING ANY NEW PRODUCT. KNOW YOUR ALLERGIES. READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. 📚

Rosey Glow Facial Toner

  • Give the toner two to three sprays to the face after you have cleaned your face with your desired facial cleanser.  Follow up with a serum or moisturizer of your choice. 

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