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Enjoy this detoxfying Green Tea Face Mask today up to 18months! For Normal to Oily Skin Types. Can be used on combination skin. This anti-inflammation mask is here to give you the peace of mind you are looking for. Soothes the skin from irritation. Calms swelling in the face. Removing impurties from the skin. Unclogging pores to help reduce ance and reduce skin infections. Evens skin tone giving you the glow you deserve. Clears up much sebum on the surface of your face(any extra oil your skin produces by creating cause ance and dark spots.)  Protects skin from premature sun damage.!!THIS INFORMATION IS NOT INTENDED TO CURE, TREAT, OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. NO PRODUCT ON THE SITE IS FDA APPROVED.   ALWAYS DO A PATCH TEST BEFORE USING ANY NEW PRODUCT. KNOW YOUR ALLERGIES. READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. 📚

Green Tea Facial Clay Mask

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