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Green Leaf

Whipped Body Butters

Loving Me Skin Care body butters are carefully whipped in small batches to ensure you have a great quality body butter you can rave about. Our ingredients are all carefully researched and picked from some of the worlds most trusted organic suppliers. With our products you are sure to enhance your natural born glow by locking in moisture on the driest of skins and calming irritated, sensitive skins such as but not limited to- to those with eczema and psoriasis. Using Loving Me Skin Care body butters are sure to give you skin you will love. All of our Whipped Body Butters are plant-based, organic, never tested on animals and do not contain synthetic ingredients.

Our Body Oils

Loving Me Skin Care body oils are here to quench the thirst your skin is craving. Enjoy carefully sourced oils in a bottle of pure, natural love.  Our oils keep the skin hydrated throughout the entire day, leaving the skin healthier by keeping acne at bay and evening out your skin tone over time. All of our oils are plant-based, organic, never tested on animals and do not contain synthetic dyes or synthetic ingredients.

Green Leaf
Tropical Leaf
Dry Leaf
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Unisex Beauty Body Oils

Bloom Oi labeled bottle.png
Bloom Beauty Oil

Looking for a light, non-greasy, fast absorbent, multi-purpose body oil? Then Bloom is right for you! 

Whipped Body Butters

Berry Bold 1 OZ BUTTER.png
 1oz Body Butter Samples

Not sure which scents are right for you? Mix and match with our  3 for $15 sample pack today!

Milk Baths

Cleo Milk Bath.png
Cleopatra Soak
Grab your favorite wine and relax in this detoxing and purifying milk bath!
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